[ Salted Egg ] POTATO CHIPS 260g x 10 tubs

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SALTED EGG Potato Chips   260g x 10 tubs

An addictive and Freshly made to order salted egg coated crispy Potato Chips with tangy curry leaves and handcrafted without any form of preservatives, and using only the best available ingredients.

When is the perfect time for snacks ? Gaming sessions with a bunch of close friends, gatherings, parties, but basically, you can enjoy our chips and fries anytime you feel like it.

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  S A L T E D   E G G   S A L T E D   E G G    P O T A T O    C h i p s    260g x 10 tubs


B e s t   B y 

We’d always strive to provide the freshest batch to our customers. Hence, all snacks are freshly made to order. Best consumed within 1 week after opened and 3 months unopened.


                                                   I n g r e d i e n t s

salted egg : potato chips , salted egg yolk and curry leaves .


H a l a l    I n f o r m a t i o n 

We do not use pork or lard, however our kitchen facility is not yet Halal Certified.

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