Nut Butter – How to Eat

Simple Yet Delicious Spread

1. Spread nut butter on toast. A complete breakfast, as fast as it is nutritious, includes a slice of whole grain toast and tablespoon or two of nut butter. Warm toast, English muffins, or pancakes make nut butter warm, gooey, and totally delicious, as well as healthy. Starting the day with protein can help you stay focused and energetic throughout the morning, kick starting your metabolism and giving you the fuel to get going. It’s a great snack.

  • A serving of nut butter is usually two tablespoons, which contains between 180 and 190 calories, and just under 8 grams of protein, as well as 7-10 percent of necessary daily dietary fiber. Nut butter is good for building strong tissues and boosting immunity.


2. Spread nut butter on fruit.
3. Spread nut butter on cracker or bar.

Smoothies / Protein Shakes with Nut Butter

Nut butters add a hearty sweetness that fills out a smoothie—not to mention, adds protein. When it comes to smoothies and juices, they make a difference: Without them, the drink is much thinner and less filling.

Abundance Salad Bowls with Nut Butter Dressing

There’s nothing like starting off the week with meals prepped and ready to go in the fridge. Your favorite nut butter can do everything a good Dijon-style mustard or egg yolk can do—well, in a vinaigrette or salad dressing, anyway. Swap out the usual emulsifiers for a dollop of nut butter , and whisk it with vinegar and oil for a creamy vinaigrette to use with greens, cold noodles, or just slather on grilled bread.


A Simple Breakfast Of Overnight Oats To The Rescue

The ultimate healthy & complete breakfast, oatmeal with nut butter added is creamy, voluminous and will keep you full yet extremely nutritious all morning long!


Healthy & Delicious Dip

Serve with pita chips, crackers, or cut up vegetables. Everyone loves this easy and healthy dip!

Swirl It Into Desserts

From ice cream to delicate cupcake, a ribbon of nut butter (or “ripple,” if you prefer), takes any dessert from good to great. The nut butter adds an almost-savory note to any kind of sweet dessert, while also making it visually striking.

1. Bake with cookies.


2. Bake with cupcakes / muffins.


3. Bake with cake / brownies.


4. Bake with bread.